Interests And Life Skills As Enrichment For My Children

There is an increase in the demand for a wider varieties of enrichment programme to prepare the younger generation especially in Asia. New aged parents realise that being academic incline may not be enough to prepare their kids in current world. English, maths, science, humanities and mother tongue had been the foci of many parents […]

Why are online courses the future of education?

A recent gathering with a group of friends has got me thinking about how online course has impacted our children learning during our country’s very own circuit breaker (lockdown) from April to June last year. The term online course was so new to everyone that nobody is truly prepared for it, not even the school […]

Covid-19 Pandemic Fast Track E-Learning For Primary Education

How has Covid-19 pandemic changed the norms in education for primary school children? Circuit breaker in Singapore has happened not too long ago and the memories on how it has affected 3 main parties; the teachers, the working parents and school going children which forced them to embrace and adopt e-learning within the shortest possible […]