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The content of Little Big Boss is curated and designed to suit children age between 7 to 12 years old under adults’ guidance. The Starter Kit contains the essential materials for the child to understand the basics considerations for running an online store in Little Big Boss Portal. It is recommended that the child, together with his/ her parents / mentors, went through the content of the starter kit, be reminded on the Dos and Don’ts and safety tips when dealing with other buyers/ sellers via the Portal.

We offer different plans to suit the learning needs of the child. Customer can choose to purchase lifetime subscription / renewal to access Little Big Boss Portal or the Starter Kit (comes with lifetime subscription access to Little Big Boss Portal). 

When you have purchased a Starter Kit + Lifetime Web Portal Subscription via our website, there's 2 things that will happened:

  1. We will arrange for the Starter Kit to be delivered within 5 working days to your shipping address indicated during your check out.
  2. When you first signed up with an email address with us to complete the purchase, by default, that will also be the email address for login into Little Big Boss Web Portal. In the event if the purchase is meant for another person, do email us at [email protected] to let us know that this is meant for a gift for someone else so that we can create a login account of the receiver.

If you buying the Web Portal subscription or Starter kit for someone else, do drop us an email at [email protected] or we will contact you if we do not hear from you 3 days after your purchase. This is for us to create a login account for the receiver using the receiver's email address.

This is because, the web portal activities notifications and other setting such as resetting of passwords will be sent to the account email.

We use PAYPAL as our preferred payment gateway and accept credit cards payment worldwide. Read PAYPAL safety and security

We offer free domestic shipping in Singapore except Jurong Island. We use Qdelivey for domestic shipping.

Once we received your order, you will receive email notification on the status of your order and you will be able to track your order Qxpress Trace Parcels

The shipping rates for international shipping are as follows:

Zone 1 - Malaysia and Brunei ---> SGD 15

Zone 2 - Countries in Asia and The Pacific (except Australia, Japan and New Zealand) ---> SGD 25

Zone 3 - Rest of the World ---> SGD 35

You can refer to Qxpress Trace Parcels to track you order.

Customers are advised to check for any local tax that may be applicable to the total value of goods brought in from an overseas country.

After your payment’s been verified, you will receive an email informing you that your order is in the midst of preparation for delivery. Once it’s been shipped out from our warehouse, you’ll receive another email notification. Please note that the email notification will be sent to your email address that you have registered with My Little Big Boss.

Customer who has chose to pick up from store is required to contact My Little Big Boss at [email protected] on the date and time that you would like to pick up your order from the store.

Every item inside the Starter Kit is checked to ensure that they meet the quality standard before the box is shipped out. Should you encounter an issue with your Starter Kit, such as missing / lost instructions or damaged items, please let us know via email to [email protected] or you can text us via Facebook Messenger

The Starter Kit and Portal access are designed for one user. Hence, siblings within the same household can share this one user login credential.

User guide can be in the resources page for the child to learn how to carry out the following activities in the Portal:

  • 1) Register / Login
  • 2) Create your account and profile
  • 3) Setting up your store
  • 4) Listing product to rent, sell or trade
  • 5) Using the message function
  • 6) How to make / cancel an offer
  • 7) Fulfill the delivery of product
  • 8) Activity notifications
  • 9) Report violation of user’s terms
  • 10) Access to Resources
  • 11) Join an event / workshop

If there is any other question that is not found in the FAQ, you can reach us is via [email protected] or via our Facebook messenger. We aim to respond to all emails within 2 business days.

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