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E Waste Recycling Workshop

Digitalization is everywhere in this current era and will be amplified more in the future due to the adoption of new technology.

While we benefit from the technology that provides convenience to our daily life and accessibility to information, it is critical for us to look at how we manage the electronic wastes generated at the end of their shelf life.

One of the most common electronic wastes is mobile phone. Companies introduce newer models with better function and quality in a shorter time gap from the launch of their previous models.

Students in Singapore are educated with the 3R (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) model in school. However, it is important for our younger generation to understand the value of recycling as the management of electronic wastes through a hands-on experience on how it is done. We have designed a workshop for both parents and kids to gain an understanding in the following areas.
  • Impacts of electronic waste to our health and environment.
  • Metals present in electronic waste that are valuable for recycling.
  • Segregation and mining of precious metals from electronic waste (Hands-on).
Chemical Recycling from E waste
Trying out recycling from e waste

The workshop will comprise of some hands-on experience with participants bringing their old handphone or laptop to dismantle and mine for precious metals.

Precious Metals from e-waste Recycling
Precious Metals from e-waste Recycling

We will also introduce various methods use in the industry for the urban mining of precious metals and show case one of them during the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with the understanding about the recycling process and some precious metals from their old electronic products as a souvenir.

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