My Little Big Boss

Kickstart your child’s entrepreneurship learning with our live Online Workshop sessions with our Mentors. This program is designed to help your child develop a sense of curiosity that will allow them to continuously seek new opportunities to learn entrepreneurial skills and start a business venture.

The program bundle (including starter-kit) includes 2 x My Little Big Boss Online Workshop learning sessions (1.5 Hours Each) to help your children kick-start their entrepreneurship learning journey with our mentors. Online learning workshops are conducted over Zoom meeting sessions over last 2 consecutive weekends of each month.

Our next available workshops dates are 5th (1st session) and 12th (2nd session) September 2021, Sundays.

The workshop focuses on ideation, business planning, identifying value propositions of the product that they are interested in selling and marketing the product, just to name a few key phases.

Finally, they will also be given the opportunity to experience what it is like to sell and trade items with other like-minded child entrepreneurs in My Little Big Boss marketplace. Through these real-life interactions, they will acquire essential  lifelong intrinsic values not taught in textbooks.

Empower your children to be an Entrepreneur.
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